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Stretching across the desert about 400km south of lima in peru are the nazca lines, the largest collection of geoglyphs in the world. Awardwinning operator with modern aircraft and outstanding safety record. Explore the mysteries of perus stunning nazca lines during this fullday excursion, complete with cessna flight, departing from lima. Theres no better way to see this unesco world heritage site. Soar through the clouds and enjoy the best views of the worldfamous nazca lines. We want you to enjoy a worryfree adventure and create some unforgettable new.

The nazca lines flights from pisco and ica, in particular, are subject to very high demand and l limited availability. May 29, 2019 how to book a nazca lines flight tour. We strongly recommend taking a 1, 2 or 3day trip to nazca, where youll be able to do the nazca lines flight tour and other activities in. We opted for the standard 35minute flight with aeronasca and after a safety brief from our pilots and a rundown on what wed be seeing we headed to the plane.

Only visible from up high, there are more than 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs. Contact with aeronasca getting in touch with aeronasca peru is very easy, different buttons are displayed throughout our website for effective communication. Experience the best overflights to the nazca lines in safe aircraft and get earliest nazca lines flight of the day with highly trained pilots. The nazca lines comprehensively covers the facts, mysteries, and theories surrounding the. Nasca lines nazca all you need to know before you go. Brien introduces the land, the cultures, all the leading theories about the nazca lines and quite a few of the lesser. Book your nazca lines tickets online and skiptheline.

Nasca lines, nazca peru this tour offers the best experience to fly the nazca lines from nazca airport, between 30 to 35 minutes of trilling experience over the desert floor come with us and enjoy the best service at the best price. There are two main ways to fit the nazca lines into a peru itinerary. Nazca lines flights tours in nazca nazca lines tours. Flight over one of the most mysterious shapes and lines on earth. Decodes the nazca lines through the romantic guides of ancient history.

Take a small plane flight over the world famous nazca lines. Aug 02, 2016 there, youll board a small plane for a 1. Also, if you book your nazca lines vacation package in nazca with travelocity, youll get access to our best travel discounts. Nasca lines, nazca peru the overflight towards the nasca and palpa lines comprises 19 geoglyphs of nasca and 10 geoglyphs of palpa with a total duration of 1 hour of flight in which you will see each figure through both windows of the aircraft, in addition the pilot will provide you a map with the circuit of the lines of nasca and palpa. Enjoy a thrilling 35 minute flight over the nazca lines, offering a spectacular opportunity to see 12 of the most famous nazca lines, including the hummingbird, dog, hands, astronaut, tree, spider, whale, lizard, shark and more. Over two millennia ago gigantic figures and lines began to be drawn on the surface of the desert near the town of nazca in southern peru. They are the only company with guaranteed daily departures, all year round. The nazca lines tours is an incredible adventure, you can enjoy the adrenaline for 35 minutes or 01 hour, depending on the flight chosen to make the air circuit, where the most important nazca lines are traveled. This is something that i very much wanted to do as most of these can only be seen from the air. Nazca flights ica 2020 all you need to know before you. At first, we were hesitant to fly over the nazca lines as we read and heard some. Overflight of nazca lines full day trip from lima 25. Option 2 is as part of a longer overland trip across southern peru.

Nazca lines flights, tours and safety updated 2019 career. It is in a small plane that sits 6 passengers and piloycopliot in the front. Most lines run straight across the landscape, but there are also figurative designs of animals and plants, made up of lines. He has written a book that could be read, lets say, on a flight to peru to see the nazca lines. Depictions of animals and birds, geometrical designs, and humanlike figures were made on such a scale, including some over 100 m long, that they could only be seen without distortion from the air. Bus was late getting in so we only had time to check out the nazca lines and have lunch.

Surely you want to know the price of the flight to the nazca lines and you still do not see it, do not worry, you must simply request it by any of our means of contact. There are two considerations here, namely, supply and demand. We strongly recommend taking a 1, 2 or 3day trip to nazca, where youll be able to do the nazca lines flight tour and other activities in huacachina and nearby. Apr 08, 2020 however, if you would like to do a private nazca flight, you will be naturally expected to pay more than joining a group tour. The lines, some over 2,000 years old, have blown away historians and archaeologists for hundreds of years, and even today there is no uniform. Well pick you up at your hotel in nazca, or from the bus station.

After picking you up from your hotel in nazca, well head to the maria reiche neumann airport. The wait time in the small airport is hourly and there is a small snack stand within the facility. Over 15 years of experience operating flights and tours in nazca. Depending on your flight company and demand the planes can be anything from 414 seaters but either case its not going to be huge. These enormous artworks in the desert vary in complexity, from simple lines and geometric shapes to zoomorphic designs of animals, such as birds, fi. Flight over the nazca lines, nazca tour and bus to lima. The nazca lines has been designated a unesco world heritage site. Regardless of what type of flight you choose, we highly recommend reserving the flight at least one month in advance. Ballestas islands tour, option for paracas national reserve tour, return to lima. If you are arriving to nazca by bus, you will arrive approximately at 06. Nazca flight tour and ballestas islands boat tour communication with this company was great as well as the tours were amazing.

Book online your safety nazca lines flights nazca fligths. No trip to peru is complete without seeing this archaeological enigma. Once there, youll have to fill out the appropriate paperwork, and then youll hit the skies, enjoying a 35minute flight over the most representative figures of the nazca lines. We both definitely have more robust stomachs these days, but this flight can feel a little like being in a fighter plane. Booking ahead enables you to make sure you fly with a reputable company and get a good time slot. I stayed in a place called nasca lodge affiliate link which was quite a simple guesthouse but had really helpful staff who helped me book my nazca lines flight the next morning on the day of my birthday.

Compare flight companies, view itineraries, and get cheap local prices. Considered by many as one of the most mysterious places in the world, the nazca lines are something to truely view for yourself. The nazca lines are a collection of giant geoglyphsdesigns or motifs etched into the groundlocated in the peruvian coastal plain about 250 miles 400. Nasca lines nazca 2020 all you need to know before you go. The nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs etched into the nazca desert in the south of peru. Nasca lines nazca 2020 all you need to know before you. Sep 19, 20 this book also looks at the culture of the people who lived there, including the other archaeological remains of the nazca people and what is known about their economy, society, and political structure. Flight over the nazca lines tour from arequipa to lima and. Discover the worlds greatest archaeological enigma as you fly over the nazca lines. We are dedicated to provide quality services, security and personalized assistance in all our reservations. In aeronasca we are dedicated to flight the nazca lines in our cessna aircraft fleet with capacity for 06 passengers. Book a nazca lines flight with us with a cessna aircraft with panoramic windows getting the best videos and photos of the nazca and palpa lines. Secure your nazca lines flight today with aeronasca to experience a once in a lifetime birdseye view of the worlds most mysterious geoglyphs.

Mar 03, 2020 the condor was one of my favourite nazca lines. I must point out that the flight was a wild ride once we got to the. Lima to pisco airport, nazca lines flight, overnight in paracas. And whilst we cannot deny that this is a fantastic site, i feel the real historical star of this oft visited country is the nazca lines. We will happily answer any questions about your classic flight over the nazca lines. Nazca lines air tour with transport from lima youtube. As such, these make excellent first introductions to a subject. Nazca lines flight from ica nazca lines flight from ica flying over the nasca lines takes 1 hour in the air from ica, upon arrival to the airport, passengers will register in our counter, we will verify your information and then you will proceed to the boarding room 30 minutes before the flight. We offers you safety nazca lines flights,and private sit with a panoramic window for a great memory of your flight over the nazca lines. We offer pick up from hotel or bus station in nazca luggage storage, free wifi, assistance and flight briefing. Apart of the city of nazca we also can provide you services from the ica and pisco airport, please feel free to ask any questions about these services. Although lots of tour agencies in and around nasca offer flights over the lines, travellers are advised to be very picky when it comes to choosing a company. Flights over nazca lines in peru, enjoy a nazca lines tour.

We have a group of local guides with more than 10 years of experience providing the best nazca lines flights from lima, pisco, ica and nazca. Once there, youll have till fill out a little bit of paperwork and then youll be ready to enjoy a once in a lifetime 35minute flight over the most important figures of the nazca lines. Nazca lines flight private shuttle service will transport you to and from nazca not guided. The flight for the nazca lines is reasonable for 80 usdollars. On our holland america cruise, we traveled to general san martin, peru and took a flight over the nazca lines. Flight over the nasca and palpa lines nazca expedia. Following the nazca lines in peru along dusty roads. Flying over the ancient nazca lines for my birthday the. The lines, some over 2,000 years old, have blown away historians and archaeologists for hundreds of years, and even today there is no uniform agreement as to how or why they were created. In nazca, there are more aircraft available so these flights can be reserved as little as 23 days in advance.

Sep 15, 2015 mention to anyone that you have plans to head to peru, and discussion will quickly turn to machu picchu. While its not always necessary to book a nazca lines flight tour in advance, its best to do so if you know when you will be in the area. Discover the mystery of the more of 300 geoglyphs across the nazca desert. Experienced pilot guides ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout the flight. This is a very dry region and all the sand means it is pretty dusty and hazy. This incredible flight will take place on a cessna 207a light aircraft with a capacity for six passengers and two. The flight can be booked at the best price because we are a certified airline as direct tour operators and. Get to see the nazca lines from a modern fleet on a 30 minute flight. Whatever time of year you choose to visit nazca lines in nazca, its always a good idea to reserve a package deal. Each of our flights to the nazca lines has strict compliance with the rules and procedures issued by the dgac. Nazca lines flight from ica nazca lines peru nazca lines. Flight over nazca lines in peru at the best price in our planes, full day nazca lines tours.

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