Deeks and kensi season 6 finale

Thanks for sharing your amazing stories, im really grateful since the season finale left me so depressed like like. It mostly worked because of the strength of the actors, but i also found. In season 4, kensi and deeks find their feelings growing stronger when they both express jealousy on separate occasions and by the end of the season, deeks and kensis feelings come to a head when they have a heated discussion about the communication between them and later share their first official kiss. The premiere immediately takes place after the events of the season 9 finale. The team are forced to separate as they are on the run from the mexican cartel and spencer. Originally deeks had a strained friendship with sam as he did not of approve of deeks until the season four finale when deeks saved his wife michelle, refusing to reveal her undercover identity. What marine recruits go through in boot camp earning the title making marines on parris island duration. While sam and deeks recover from traumatic torture that will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional relationships, lives are still in jeopardy as the ncis. Nate returns to talk to deeks and help him work through his trauma and questions deeks about the partnership and relationship between him and kensi. Kensi and deeks will soon be in the spotlight in the upcoming episode of ncis.

When deeks is fired by mosley upon scolding her of her unfair behaviour and treatment towards the team, deeks believes now is the time for him and kensi to leave. In the premiere, deeks along with callen and sam are severely injured following the suv explosion, leaving deeks unconscious. Not what i was expecting but it was amazing in the same way so one more season ended and now we have to wait a lot for new episodes. Eventually, they decide they are ready to have a baby together. You write them so beautifully, in whatever kind of scenario and this one was not an exception. Following the events of the season eight finale, hetty has mysteriously disappeared. It was reported that the episode to come will show kensi, played by daniela ruah, and deeks, played by eric christian olsen, moving forward with their relationship. One of them wondered why kensi and deeks were never working together in the field if they finally and officially married. Weve said this before, but it is definitely worth repeating. A devastating event ignites the rush to find stolen nuclear weapons and has hetty making changes in the usual partnerships on the season 4 finale of ncis.

By assuming false identities and utilizing the most advanced technology, this team of highly trained agents goes deep undercover, putting their lives on the line in the field to bring down their targets. Since the torture he endured in the season 4 finaleseason 5 premiere, deeks has been avoiding kensi and still hasnt returned to ncis. The below contains major spoilers for the season 10 finale of ncis. At the end of the season finale, kensi asks deeks to marry her and he says yes.

Shane brennan teases sub danger, big moves in kensideeks relationship. Martin marty deeks is an lapdncis liaison officer assigned to the office of special projects. Moreover, it is also set to explore the postengagement phase of kensi daniela ruah and deeks eric christian olsen relationship. The bad news is thats because the season 10 finale ends on a. Fan page dedicated to the characters kensi blye and marty deeks, played by daniela ruah and eric christian olsen on ncis. During this time i will be posting one old episode every monday. In season nine, kensi and deeks are officially engaged and begin planning for the wedding while at the same time meet executive assistant director, shay mosley who replaces owen granger. The pair will tie the knot in the season 10 episode, till death do us part.

Deeks and kensi got stuck in traffic and callen had been forced to check on finn. Deeks and kensi finally marry and become husband and wife with hetty officiating their ceremony. Kensi and deeks investigate the murder of a homeless man, who was a former marine and cia agent. Christmas is a important holiday for deeks and kensi as during christmas that is when they finally became a couple. Kensi and deeks noticed that their boss was taking her time in the building and so they went in there after her. Since the torture he endured in the season 4 finale season 5 premiere, deeks has been avoiding kensi and still hasnt returned to ncis. Just a little fanvid about densi, waiting for the last episode. On traitor season 6, episode 9, deeks revealedand kensi confirmedthat she hates liver, but loves bulgogi. Taking place after the season four finale, deeks and sam are found by granger and kensi, but are forced to leave them for the time being to ensure the safety of michelles undercover identity since sams identity has been comprised. Kensi daniela ruah and deeks eric christian olsen are finally moving forward with their wedding plans on season 10 of ncis. This will be an interesting season for followers of the show, as the police series looks to reinvent itself in the upcoming season. While many would call season 5 the season of densi and saw many episodes focused on the relationship between marty deeks and kensi blye, there still was much left to be desired for hard core densi shippers.

The episode was directed by tony wharmby and penned by andrew bartels. So one more season ended and now we have to wait a lot for new episodes. The probe reveals the victim had connections to the mexican. In season eleven, deeks and kensi are happily married and begin to think more about having children together after kensi has a false alarm, believing she might be pregnant. The cast has all weighed in on what to expect, hinting that it wont go smoothly. However in the season finale, deeks and kensi face one of the greatest challenges of their relationship.

In season 10, the couple finally tied the knot, and deeks returned to the team to work with his wife in a couple of missions. She is also the partner and the wife to lapdncis liaison, marty deeks. This episode may also begin the main story arc of the next season as the series nears its season 6 finale untitled episode due to air on may 11. May 25, 2018 densi scene from ncisla season 9 finale. It wasnt until kensi s proposal in the season 8 finale they were. In tonights episode, the case involving arkady and his. Before their wedding in season 10, however, kensi and deeks have to talk about their fight in the twopart season 9 finale. It wasnt until kensis proposal in the season 8 finale they were. Not only that, but this may end up being one of the biggest ones that weve see for the entirety of the kensi deeks relationship. Another person requested to get more densi for the following chapter, especially because it will be the season finale. Kensi lost her father, donald, and his remains were so unrecognizable that investigators had to resort to using dental records to id him. When a tip regarding a missing nsa analyst results in callen and sam being abducted, kensi and deeks investigate whether their kidnapping was related to. Hetty tries to neutralize a missile attack in the middle east. Deeks and kensi in the spotlight in episode 18 fighting shadows edward hardesty mon 16 mar 2015 11.

Your deeks and kensi never cease to amaze me, psyched. Of course, starting a family isnt as easy a decision for deeks and kensi as a normal couple. While kensi, deeks, sabatino, and wallace are under. They found mosley in a windowless room with a badly beaten miguel. While many would call season 5 the season of densi and saw many episodes focused on the relationship between marty deeks and kensi blye, there still was much left to be desired for hard core. By the end of the season, deeks and kensi finally begin to confront their true feelings for each other and.

The season was produced by shane brennan productions and cbs television studios, with shane brennan as showrunner and executive producer. If you missed the finale, you can read a recap here. It seems like so long ago that marty deeks and kensi blye were just partners. If i had one quibble it was with the deekskensitalia triangle. One of the interesting themes for deeks and for kensi to deal with, at the beginning of this season, was the trauma that deeks went through after being tortured in the season 4 finale, how he. Est in the united states having spent the previous five seasons following episodes of ncis, ncis. Kensi is the least injured member of the osp team but becomes extremely worried when deeks has since remained unconscious following the suv explosion. Fighting shadows will air on march 23, ending a short hiatus.

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